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Get your first taste of some rowdy, slightly poppy, slightly noisy grrl-rock. You'll only know us once you listen to our noise. Even then, you still won't know us... Just listen to the demo, and if you wanna hear more, maybe spare a buck or two to help us continue to make noises.


released August 16, 2015

Original cover photo by Nora Mandray, live recording by Bobby and Nora. Recorded at Seventh Circle Music Collective




Bull Dyke Slut Militia Denver, Colorado

Two queer girls making loud noises in Denver Colorado. Give it a listen!

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Track Name: Game Brain
So much else to do and see but he don't care none,
he thinks that thing in his hand is a real live gun,
I keep tellin him and it's drivin me insane,
he only cares about the world that's inside his game.

Game Brain,
Drives me insane.
Game brain,
Drives me insane.

Stuck inside this world and I can't get him out,
I try to talk and he just turns the tv up loud
he uses every single lame excuse
I try to tell him but it's no use

Game Brain
Drive me insane

He's got carpal tunnel in his hand
but he still don't seem to understand
he'll lose his vision and his sex drive too
Pray that this never happens to you,

Game Brain,
Drives me insane.
Track Name: Buy Your Friends
Rich boy has a lot of things,
latest ipod, all the bling,
rich boy buys all of his friends,
his list of names, it never ends.

Fuck you, rich boy,
Just a boy toy,
and you rich girl,
she makes me hurl

Give them dollars with high hopes
they'll laugh at your stupid jokes,
buy them all the newest games,
they'll still think you're fucking lame!

Fuck you rich boy,
just a boy toy,
and your rich girl,
she makes me hurl,
Fuck your money,
and your "honey",
just a tool,
no one likes you!
Track Name: Bebe, I'm a Manarchist (Cool Girls)
The boys will still hate me and you,
no matter what we ever do,
parka or your birthday suit,
platform heels or combat boots,

They'll still think you're PROPERTY
and that's the sick reality,

But "cool girl" knows just what to do,
cool girl knows better than you,
fuck your experience, she's got "friends"!
Watch her personality bend!

You're what's wrong with every scene
calling other girls "unclean",
say "every other girl's a SLUT,
look at me, I'm covered up!"

but cool girl says the boys are right,
she hangs with them EVERY night

Maybe if she talks enough,
the boys will think that she's real tough,
yeah, all the boys can't get enough!
...of all the girls they'll never fuck!

(You're so fucking cool)